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KILLING Cancer, Lodge Farm
Cottage, Grafham Road, Brampton,
Huntingdon, PE28 0DB
Website: www.killingcancer.co.uk
Email: info@killingcancer.co.uk
Charity registered in the UK No. 1109926

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Patient Stories

Killing Cancer Photodynamic Therapy History,  Killing Cancer History

Patient Story 2,  Skin Cancer Story - Beverley

Patient Story 3,  Lung Cancer Story - Don

Patient Story 4,  Skin Cancer Story - Misha

Patient Story 5,  Mouth Cancer Story - Victor

Patient Story 6,  Prostate Cancer Story - Bill

Patient Story 7,  Mouth Cancer Story - Jim

Patient Story 8,  Barrett's Story - Malcolm

Patient Story 9,  Patient Mouth Cancer Story - Brian

Patient Story 10,  Skin Cancer Story - Kim

Patient Story 11,  Barrett's Story - Mark

Patient Story 12,  Vascular Tumour Story - Teri

Patient Story 13,  Pancreatic Cancer Story - John

Patient Story 14,  Hemangioma Story - John

Patient Story 15,  Pancreatic Cancer Story - Bob

Patient Story 16,  Oesophageal Cancer Story - Tracey

Patient Story 17,  Bile Duct Cancer Story - Alun

Patient Story 18,  Trachea Cancer Story - Alan

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