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Liver Cancer

There is ample evidence from the new work with pancreatic cancer and other trials with PDT to suggest that liver cancer could be treated with great success with PDT.

It is a solid tumour, and the same light and drug delivery system could be used as with the pancreas. To some degree, the pancreatic trial proves the method – a major step forward. Which drug might be used is clearly open for discussion. If the pancreatic trial goes well, then that drug would be a front runner.

In the UK to date, there has been no serious experimental work so far on PDT with liver tumours. This has to take place, and we also have to find a project leader keen to develop the treatment protocol.

We are currently searching across the UK, Europe and North America to find such a group.

If any donor has a particular interest in the liver, we could start developing the experimental laboratory work and the trial protocol. If that person is you, we would love to hear from you.

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