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Child Vascular Tumours

This is one of the newest uses of PDT, now being offered experimentally at University College Hospital in London, is a PDT application that treats a group of vascular tumour types.

There are several different types of tumour where PDT appears to have a role to play in their destruction.

There is the haemangioma that affects the blood vessels, and the lymphangioma that is associated with the lymph vessels. Then there is ‘Elephant Man’ disease – Neurofibromatosis - that distends and distorts the face. There is also the ‘simple’ birthmark – another vascular condition.

The work is taking place under the direction of Colin Hopper, senior maxillo-facial surgeon at UCH.

Colin has now treated 30 such cases, ranging from the smallest birthmarks to the most disfiguring deformities that compel children to stay away from school and from public places for fear of ridicule.

This work is one of the priorities at UCH, and with partners we need to recruit in the USA and Europe.

First funding for this work has come from rock music legend, Robert Plant.

If you would like to contribute to this essential work, please goto the donate section to read more about the trial.

And if you know of patients of any age who you think might benefit from this work, please contact Wendy Talbot:
Email: wendy.talbot@uclh.nhs.uk

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