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There are people out there who will take your money, and have no real skills and ability to alleviate your suffering

In welcoming you to this website, the first thing I must warn you is that there are clinics around the world who claim to offer PDT – but are people whose methods and claims have never been verified by professional medical ethics and medical trials organisations.

Of particular concern are the people offering Next Generation PDT in China (and maybe also Australia and Malaysia), Hope4Cancer in Mexico, and the Dove Clinic (London and Hampshire).

The ‘owner’ of the later has been investigated by the General Medical Council, and we are awaiting a verdict.

They – and others – are claiming to have new versions of PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) are highly effective.

Allow me to take you back to 2004 when I and my family were told by Victor Borisov in Russia / Salzburg that he had destroyed a tumour in my eldest daughter’s arm.

As MRI scans in the UK conducted at the BUPA hospital in Bristol showed, the tumour had actually grown in size.

Warnings from the Department of Health and others

I heavily critise the cancer world for not offering any guidance notes on these – and other clinics – that are offering treatments that have not been subjected to rigorous approvals procedures.

I am angry that the negative stories about PDT continue to cause grave damage to the reputation of NHS treatments with what is - when properly administered - a gentle and yet highly effective treatment for many tumour types.

Without doubt, this charity has been hugely successful in raising the profile of PDT. The rip-off places have been exploiting the media coverage and the celebrity endorsements this charity has assembled. We had to threaten one clinic with legal action for putting our video clips on their site without permission.

After much lobbying, NHS Choices recently published a guidance notice on these clinics and the treatments, based on their own research of some of the clinics. Thank you, NHS.

NHS Guidance Notice

The story is also in the Guardian.

Guardian Story

You may have arrived at this website having seen a story and feature in the Sunday Times. The full story is in the paper - too large to scan and include here. This is the news story from the front page.

Sunday Times

I can email you the full press cutting of the feature. In the online version, it contains videos of Dr Julian Kenyon from the Dove Clinic talking to the reporter with claims that, in the feature, are dismissed as nonsense.

There is good news!

New trials, new funding and a link with Cancer Research UK

As a few people in the medical world are quick to remind me, I am a layman. I have no medical qualification. I am not a Doctor, nor a GP.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few active brain cells, and can determine good from bad!

I can still apply logic!

This charity has, in my terms, wasted some funds raised by the public. Not totally wasted. But not used as well as it could or should have been.

I have been trying for ages – years – to build a relationship with Cancer Research UK where they help us (as a charity) to look at trial ideas and weed out the worst, and help to fast track the best.

We have not, as a charity, been very efficient at monitoring the trials we have funded.

Part of my concern is because I am a layman – just as those reading this will (in the main) also be lay people. They will exercise the same logic I do. And in the future, I will continue to apply common logic.

I will also demand a new sense of urgency in getting trials concluded. However, I am less convinced that others in the cancer world – the people doing it – share my concerns.

Getting back to Cancer Research, last December there was a meeting at which we discussed the idea of collaboration in principle. Now, seven months later, we are meeting again to see if we can make progress. The length of time this whole discussion is taking is crazy – given the fact that we are talking about cancer care.

The idea of the meeting is for the researchers to present their best ideas. From that, my hope (and presumably yours) is that the experts will then collaborate and work together to speedily see the trials completed.

Trials are a ‘numbers game’. The more patients who are entered on the trial, the more data the medics have. I am personally critical of a couple of medical people we have funded who failed to recruit enough patients. The effect has been to slow the progress.

In one of the trials the eligibility criteria were so tight, it was almost impossible for patients to qualify.

It is issues like this that, in the future, I must police much more efficiently on behalf of the people who donate funds.

What’s on the table from Cancer Research UK?

It is up to us, KILLING Cancer, to fund the first stages of any trials that are deemed to be suitably robust. That could mean that we may to raise many millions. Personally, I question whether Cancer Research should require us to raise all the money but, hey-ho, if that’s what it takes.

I’ll keep you updated on what happens in July – if anything!!



David Longman


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