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KILLING Cancer is the Official PDT  Cancer Charity Working to bring together the best people to develop the best PDT treatments.

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PDT Support

A BIG thank you to all those people who have kindly donated to KILLING Cancer to help fund future trials. We simply could not do this without your support.

PDT Cancer Trials

For all the latest trial information, please goto the 'Latest News' and 'PDT Chioces' sections above to get the latest uptodate information on trials

Funraising & Donations

There are a couple of things that I, personally, as Director of the charity, am not keen about is seeing public money used to pay for anything but the cost of the trials and treatments.

That’s why I fight against trials organisations that ask us to pay for things that I know is simply opportunistic...


Press Cuttings

Have a look through our KILLING Cancer press cutting about the patient we have helped and treated with photofynamic Therapy (PDT) Treatment.


Is PDT suitable for me?

Please find below general questions and asnwers of the most common questions about Photodynamic Therapy.